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  1. Habitat Sue

    Small, Paper-Knit Lampshade

  2. Cascade Mini Weave Basket Beige

    Mini Multipurpose Basket

  3. Habitat Poly

    Set of 3 Rectangular Baskets with Cover

  4. SPT8005

    12x16cm, Wall Mirror, Natural

  5. Cascade Large Desk Organizing Tray Beige

    Large Desk Organizing Tray

  6. Cascade Slim Desk Organizing Tray Beige

    Slim Desk Organizing Tray

  7. Cascade Medium Desk Organizing Tray Beige

    Medium Desk Organizing Tray

  8. Cascade Large Weave Basket with Lid Beige

    Large Multipurpose Basket with Lid

  9. Cascade Medium Weave Basket with Lid Beige

    Medium Multipurpose Basket with Lid

  10. Cascade Small Weave Basket with Lid Beige

    Small Multipurpose Basket with Lid

  11. Cascade Mini Weave Basket with Lid Beige

    Mini Multipurpose Basket with Lid

  12. Cascade Medium Weave Basket Beige

    Medium Multipurpose Basket

  13. Cascade Small Weave Basket Light Brown

    Small Multipurpose Basket

  14. Voluspa Blond Tabac Corta Maison Candle

    Scented Candle in Maison Jar with Lid

    ₱2,316 ₱2,895 20%
  15. Umbra Edge 4x6 Photo Display Natural

    4x6 inches, Picture Frame

  16. Habitat Gilmore

    120x180cm, Cotton Flat Rug
    ₱3,195 ₱3,550 10%
  17. Asahi W-7006 Natural

    36cm, Wooden Wall Clock

  18. Umbra Lookout Photo Display 5x7 Natural

    5x7 inches, Picture Frame

    ₱896 ₱1,280 30%
  19. SPT8005

    12x48cm, Wall Mirror, Natural

  20. SPT8005

    12x36cm, Wall Mirror, Natural