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  1. Staub Round Bowl

    White, 14cm

  2. Staub Round Cocotte

    30x24x15.3cm, Smooth Enamel Bottom, Nickel Knob

  3. Staub Gratin Dish

    White, 27x20cm

  4. Staub Rectangular Oven Dish

    White, 20x16x5.4cm

  5. ZWILLING Twin Grip Paring Knife

    4-inch Paring Knife
    Made in Germany

  6. Ballarini Brenta Paring Knife

    3.5-inch, Paring Knife

    ₱665 ₱950 30%
  7. Masflex Spectrum Induction Casserole with Glass Lid

    16cm, Non-stick Induction Casserole with Glass Lid

  8. Masflex Spectrum Induction Fry Pan

    20cm, Non-stick Induction Fry Pan

  9. Tefal Fresh Kitchen Utility Knife

    12cm, Utility Knife

  10. Ballarini Torino Fry Pan

    Fry Pan, 28cm
    Made in Italy

    ₱3,395 ₱4,850 30%
  11. Ballarini Firenze Wok

    Wok, 24cm
    Made in Italy

  12. Joseph Joseph Elevate Slotted Spoon

    Slotted Spoon, Stainless Steel, Grey/Green

  13. Joseph Joseph Elevate Solid Spoon

    Solid Spoon, Stainless Steel, Grey Green

  14. Spiegelau Club Softdrink

    Premium Crystal Glass
    Set of 12
    Made in Germany

    ₱1,920 ₱3,840 50%
  15. ZWILLING Passion Stew Pot

    Stew Pot, 16cm

    ₱4,760 ₱6,800 30%
  16. Staub Oval Cocotte

    Cherry, 33cm
    Made in France

    ₱17,850 ₱25,500 30%
  17. Staub Oval Cocotte

    Graphite Grey, 31cm
    Made in France

  18. Habitat Bistro

    Side Plate in White Porcelain

  19. Habitat Pinako

    23.5cm, Porcelain Dessert Plate

  20. Habitat Pinako

    25.5cm, Porcelain Dinner Plate

  21. Ballarini Lipari Fry Pan

    24cm, Fry Pan, 4-Layer Non-Stick Coating

    ₱1,575 ₱2,250 30%
  22. Ballarini Siena Casserole

    Casserole, 24cm
    Made in Italy

  23. Joseph Joseph Twist Grater

    Coarse and Fine Grater, Grey/Green

  24. Lucky Glass VIVA Jug

    1 Liter, Glass Jug