A big consideration when purchasing a new sofa is how you plan to use it. Make sure your new sofa perfectly fits your needs and feels comfortable for all your purposes.




1-Seater or Recliner

Sofas with a seating capacity for one person. Ideal as accent pieces or for limited spaces.


Sofas big enough for 2 persons to sit and relax on.


Sofas with a seating capacity for 3 persons. Ideal for larger families or as furniture to lounge or nap on.


Sofas with much more seating capacity which usually comes in an L-shaped design. Ideal for larger spaces and bigger families.

Sofa Bed

A 2 Seater or 3 Seater sofa that can easily convert into a bed. Perfect for casual sleeping or when you have guests that will sleep over.



Fabric and leather are generally common materials used for sofas, both of which have unique features to take note of.


Sofas that come in a full fabric exterior that are usually more comfortable, less expensive, and with broader options to choose from.


Sofas that come in a full leather exterior that are usually more sleek, hypoallergenic, and easier to clean.



Not all sofas come in standard sizes. When purchasing a new sofa, make sure you’ve measured the available space you have so your new sofa will fit perfectly.


Best For


1 Seater/Recliner and 2 Seater sofas will be best for spaces that have limited space. Sofa beds will be a good addition too for extra sleeping space or for when guests sleep over.

Big Condos and Home

3 Seater or Sectional sofas will be best for larger spaces with bigger families.




Care Tips

Fabric Upholstery Sofa Cleaning Tips


Leather Upholstery Sofa Cleaning Tips


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